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Q Keratin - Hair Keratin

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Q Keratin - Hair Keratin

We all seek beauty in its most varied forms, and we remain ecstatic when we reach or find it in the most disparate expressions of life. Aesthetically speaking, that of hair is one of its most tangible representations, immediate in perception. Q Keratin, Professional Luxury Treatment operates beautifully in the industry by targeting a high target audience that assures, by its characteristics and quality, a unique and absolute result in durable time.

It is a top treatment, a result of years of research by the company that markets the brand, namely Madrenatura, always focusing on innovation and excellence in quality, respecting its operational philosophy. It is based on the richeratinization of the hair using keratin proteins extracted from sheep's wool, which possesses the highest in nature, and essential oils of fruits and flowers that nourish and bring vitamins and minerals, which are fundamental elements for hair health. A revolutionary and bioorganic treatment, absolutely non-invasive for the very nature of the hair.
The slogan is "One Keratin, 7 Excellence Services for Your Hair". Natural smooth, soft waves, anticreep, Volume-Structure, Max Lucent, Reconstruction, Post-Color Bath. With the use of treatment the satisfaction is all. In the foreground of the final guest, the customer will see his own beauty as the cover dive, the same woman living in the jet set or in parallel worlds that require the perfection of being, not pure narcissism but Need to be winning, even in appearance, at any time. So that of the hairdresser that will become more and more the point of reference of your target, the one who will solve the issues of the sector astonishing the competition and succeeding in what can sometimes be presented as an authentic "mission impossible".

> Q Keratin was born to amaze and attract, pamper and delight, on the trace of the principle that investing in one's own beauty means running in the right direction for us and those who are gravitating us around.


Q Keratin - Hair Keratin