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Production Produced for Hairdressers - Global service

Via Siracusa, 8 | 21050 | Bolladello di Cairate (VA), Italy | 0331.311399 | 0331.311529

Production Produced for Hair
Global service

The modern structure, the qualified personnel and the technical center always to disposition,
they allow to follow the client in way "global", from the study of the graphics to the realization of the
ended product, passing for the choice of the active principles and innovative formulations.
Stings strong some firm is the procedure of the "sottovuoto", that assures guarantee of elevated quality
and constant.
Every filling is preceded by severe tests on locks of natural hair for the certainty of a
always resulted constant.
Highly the automated system allows to stamp the stamps in real time and to high speed.
The efficient department of consignments, in accord with the best national and international messengers,
it manages all over the world deliveries.

8, Syracuse street
21050 Bolladellos of Cairate - Varese (Italy)
Tel. 0331/31399
Fax 0331/311529

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